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After fifteen years of development, full of ebbs and flows, Holip has become one of the largest frequency converter manufacturer in China. This is thanks to all of its employees. We are grateful for their contribution.

It is our goal to outrun the market development and become a famous brand with the highest quality in China. To achieve this goal, we should continue attracting, retaining and developing excellent employees. We welcome anyone who wants to join us and have prepared humanized employee welfare and a vast space for development.

We look forward to working with you.

General manager     

Training and development

As we know very well that talents are the first factor for corporate development, we value the development of every employee and dedicate ourselves to construct a human-oriented working environment and a competitive development platform. For this purpose, the company designs and provides various opportunities of training and development for employees. Through the employee training and development plan, the company helps employees master skills and knowledge necessary for work and pays the tuitions of eligible educational programs for employees to back sustainable development.

Perfect services for employees ?

Scheduled Bus

The company offers scheduled bus trips from Haiyan to Jiaxing and Hangzhou

Employee Activities

The company organizes employee activities irregularly, including travel, year-end dinner party and sports events, to enhance the relationships among the employees and enliven spare time.

Performance assessment

On the basis of the requirements of business development, Holip gives employees with remarkable performance chances for promotion.

Every year, Holip encourages every business department to select winners for the excellent performance award based on employees’ performance in order to award individuals and groups that have outstanding performances.

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