Your growth is Holip's growth

We all know that understanding success varies among people, so we spare no effort to ensure that all our employees have chances to succeed in their own ways. Moreover, we believe that our employees' success will definitely contribute to the enterprise's success, which is why we strive to create a pleasant working environment in the hope of attracting talents who are eager to push innovation forward and exceed our customers' expectations.

  • Talent Strategy
    To be human-oriented, and give talents attention and care
  • Talent Development
    True talents only
  • Talent Management
    Give opportunities to the ambitious, give an arena to the capable and give high status and arena to the accomplished

Welfare system

  • Social Insurance

    Holip and employees jointly pay all the social insurances and housing accumulation funds that are prescribed by the state

  • Commercial Insurance

    Holip will pay for the employee's personal accident insurance and supplementary medical insurance

  • Dining

    Holip provides nutritious and balanced free lunches or lunch subsidies for our employees, and free suppers or night snacks for employees who work in shifts or overtime.

  • Year-end Bonus

    Holip will pay employees year-end bonuses based on its business state and the employees' performances, which includes a fixed annual bonus and annual performance bonus.

  • Other Welfare

    ① Present – weddings and birthdays red packets
    ② Maternity gift money – for the first and second child
    ③ Long-term service award – for employees who continuously serve the company
    ④ Festival bonus – paid based on the company’s performance
    ⑤ Annual physical examination – the company organizes a physical examination for all employees regularly, every year
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