Service Profile

Since it was established, Zhejiang Holip Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. has constructed a professional and sophisticated customer service system and has continued to improve its service quality, upholding the tenet of “Service first, users paramount.” The Holip service center has become full-fledged after 15 years’ growth and now maintains a powerful service team consisting of scores of rigorously trained professional technicians and a more efficient remote technical support team.
The warm-hearted Holip service personnel are ready to serve you in a convenient, efficient and professional manner.
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    Service Support

    400 platforms, the Holip official website and technical support Wechat platform provide services including advisory and scheduling.

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    Service Target

    Service first, users paramount

    Hotline: 400-8095-335

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    Service Network

    We have nearly 40 offices offering support across China . For overseas customers, please contact your original suppliers.

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    More Services

    More professional and customized services: regular technical exchange, fault review and sorting.

Service channel

  • Service channel :400-8095-335
  • WeChat official account for technical support: HolipTAC
  • Contact your supplier

VIP customer service

  • VIP Customer Priority Service

    Since VIP customers come first, we do our best to minimize your downtime costs
  • Personnel Especially Assigned toYou

    A service engineer and a sales engineer exclusively for you
  • National Warranty

    Our services are always by your side
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