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WeChat Service

Holip has released a new service platform that offers expert technical services on your phone. Instead of downloading an APP, users can merely follow Holip's technical support official account to access more diverse and convenient services including inquiry of fault code, view and download of instructions, contact with Holip technicians, application for repair, service order tracking and technical exchange.

An efficient service expert you can turn to anytime via your phone. Please follow Holip technical support official account.

  • Fault code inquiry

    If you have any problems while using Holip products, you can inquire about the fault code and find ways to solve the problem.
  • View and download instructions

    If you are not sure about the product information or operations, you can view and download the product instructions via our official account for technical support.
  • Service order tracking

    If you have ordered a Holip product, you can solve your problems via the service order tracking function of our official account platform.
  • Contact Holip technicians

    If you want to report any technical problems, you can reach our technicians via this platform.
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