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We welcome your questions or suggestions and look forward to hearing from you. is a quality, online, children’s illustrators’ directory providing art directors and other art buyers with a professional resource of experienced and new creative talent to explore and work with.  As a professional community and gallery-style resource of illustrators specializing in childrens illustration, offers memberships to individual illustrators, agencies and other creative professionals wishing to market their work to the children's publishing, design and manufacturing industries.


No, is not an agency and we do not represent illustrators. 
Illustrators and agencies or artist representatives join the site independently and represent themselves. does not contact, negotiate or make arrangements on behalf of artists. 

Yes, the memberships are fee-based. These fees cover our costs to maintain and run the website efficiently and professionally, as well as contribute towards marketing, advertising and growing the site. is dedicated to providing a professional online presence and service. To make our best efforts in this regard our administrative staff personally review and approve almost all of the content that is posted on the website. This process helps to protect the artists of while maintaining the integrity and professionalism of the site.

In addition, does not allow any outside advertising on any member pages including portfolio, gallery or biography pages, the illustrator/agency index, main galleries or the published books gallery etc. You can always be assured that your portfolio and other information is professionally displayed. Any select advertisements chosen to run on the site are individually approved and must be relevant to the industry. These ads will only run on secondary pages such as resource, interview, article or similar pages. strives to maintain a reasonable cost for artists wishing to further market themselves professionally. We are consistently adding new features to the site and the membership to further enable illustrators to maximize marketability through

You do not need to be registered on to view the illustrators or images on the site. You can search in one of our many galleries or directories and filter illustrations or members very specifically:

  • • home page will give you a quick snapshot of some of the talented members on the site. View featured illustrators, images or biographies with direct links to the illustrators.
  • • In the 'Illustrators Gallery' you can search by agency name, artist/member represented by an agency or artist/member name not represented by an agency.
  • • In the 'Trends Gallery' you can search by medium and style of artwork and select from 21 different sub-categories. You can also search by endless keywords and filter published or unpublished artists.
  • • In the 'Published Books' gallery you can view all submitted published books by our members. Click on their name to view the illustrators portfolio. As another viewing option select from the alphabetical list of illustrators on the sidebar to view only their published books.
  • • In the 'Photography Gallery' you can search by key words and filter published or unpublished artists. Popular keywords appear in the sidebar of various pages for easy 'click and view' access.
  • • The 'Illustrator or Agency Index' lists all members by name. This is a quick view list with a direct link to the illustrator or agencies portfolio.
  • • Visitors can also search for images available for licensing. Illustrators may choose to make specific illustrations available for licensing within their gallery, in this case contact the illustrator specifically for purchasing details and arrangements.
  • • Lastly, for very in depth filters try our 'Advanced Search'.  Here you can search very specifically, filtering by numerous categories.

If you are interested in an illustrator or an image please contact the illustrator or their agent directly. You can find their contact information alongside their portfolio/gallery. Most illustrators give clear and specific contact information so please be sure to follow their direction.  Additionally, and if activated by the illustrator, you may contact the artist via the contact form also accessible through their gallery. has many talented, diverse members showcasing a variety of styles, mediums and subject matter.

Many illustrators on the site have enjoyed an extensive career within the industry and have published books, licensing agreements, editorial, advertising or design experience. Many are professionally trained with an education in art, design or illustration and have graduated with a diploma or degree in their respective areas. Some members are represented by an agent while others work independently. Some are fresh, new, talented artists with exciting ideas and new techniques. Some are tried and true with extensive experience and known styles. Many artists are members of industry associations or organizations which focus on the children’s illustration industry. Some illustrators have been acknowledged by their peers within the industry and have received various awards or accolades.

Maintaining a strong dedication to quality and professionalism is proud to be associated with our members and be a part of their marketing and self-promotion efforts. has two main membership types.
One for individual artists and another for agencies or artist representatives.

1.  Illustrator Membership   Individual artist memberships.

  • Your own Member Gallery - Display up to 40 of your best portfolio images in your own personal gallery.
  • Showcase your published books - Upload 10 images of your published books.
  • Image listings in our galleries - Images will be listed in the sites galleries and includes a link to your portfolio.
  • A listing in our Member Index - A link to your portfolio, your name, contact form and image will be listed.
  • Your own biography page - Include your client list, published books, education and other relevant information.
  • Website link and contact info - Include a link to your own website and contact information.
  • 'My Studio' control panel - Upload, manage, edit and track all of your content in one convenient place.
  • • Facebook and Twitter - we announce every new member, including a link, on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Plus more to come such as resources, blogs and forums!

  Please create a new account to Join Now!  $200.00 annual fee

2.  Agency Memberships   For agencies and artist representatives, features and benefits:

  • One main Agency Gallery - Your illustrators images will be showcased automatically in your Agency Gallery.    
  • Individual Member Galleries for your artists - Each image lists your agency name and links to main Agency Gallery. 
  • Exclusive Agency Index listing - Your agency, including a link to your gallery, will be listed in the Agency Index.
  • Agency Business Profile page - Promote and market your agency and your illustrators.
  • Website link and contact information - Include a link to your business website and contact information.
  • 'My Agency' control panel - Manage, monitor and track illustrators images and biographies in one convenient place.
  • One-step illustrator invitations - Quickly and easily invite your illustrators to join your agency membership. Monitor the status of your invitations.  Illustrators register and upload their own images separately creating their own username and password.

      Illustrator Features:

  • Individual Member Gallery for each artist - Your illustrators can showcase up to 40 of their best portfolio images.
  • Showcase published books - Illustrators can upload 10 images from their published books.
  • Image listings in galleries - Images will be listed in all galleries and includes a link to their Member Gallery and agent.
  • Illustrator Index listing - Illustrators get a listing in the Illustrator Index, including a link to their Member Gallery.
  • Illustrators biography page - Illustrators can list their published books, client list and education and more.
  • Website link and contact info - Illustrators can include a website link and contact information.
  • 'My Studio' control panel - Illustrators can upload, manage, and edit all of their content in one convenient place.

Select from:

Agency5 - Receive above features plus 5 (five) individual Member Galleries. 
Agency10 - Receive above features plus 10 (ten) individual Member Galleries.
Agency20 - Receive above features plus 20 (twenty) individual Member Galleries.
Agency50 - Receive above features plus 50 (fifty) individual Member Galleries.

Absolutely and most definitely! is here to support illustrators along with all of their rights. As some of us have worked within the industry for many years we fully understand and respect the issues and concerns artists deal with.

We understand the necessity for professionalism, integrity, respect and hard work within this industry and are dedicated to applying those values to all aspects of and the community of artists who choose to join us.

The site is open to all who wish to be a part of, though we would ask those who wish to join to be dedicated professionally to the industry. is promoted through various means including online marketing campaigns, direct and personal marketing to industry buyers, organizations and associations and in the future, through trade shows and book fairs.

As many a great artist knows, its all about the 'white' space.  The visual appearance of was intentionally designed to allow the illustrations be the focus and feature of the site.  We've incorporated a subtle design with appropriate and minimal hints of creativity or reference to the industry.  We hope our good work allows our artists to shine, while giving viewers a simple, yet enhanced, viewing experience. 

At we have made conscious efforts to consider ease and variety of payment while ensuring your security and privacy.  With these considerations in mind we use PayPal's secure payment method.  We do not collect or store any of your financial information. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.  PayPal also allows for payment directly through your bank account.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.  If you prefer to pay by check please contact us and we would be happy to make arrangements with you.

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