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About us... is a quality, online, children’s illustrators directory providing art directors and other industry buyers with a professional resource of specialized and experienced creative talent to explore and work with.  As a professional community and gallery-style resource of illustrators, is committed to providing our illustrators with professional and reputable online representation and customer care while creating a sense of community and supporting common goals within the industry. 

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January 2011 Press Release..." is officially announcing the launch of their new online, children’s illustrators’ directory.  The site is a professional community and gallery-style resource of illustrators and agencies who specialize in children's illustration with a focus on the North American market...." read more


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Subscribe or have a look at our newsletter The Illustrator Express and join us for monthly illustrator updates and news, new member announcements, achievements, awards and other industry and company celebrations and information.  View our premiere issue...."Premiere Issue, January 5, 2011

Welcome to our first issue of the i.e., The Illustrator Express; a periodical, a newsletter, updates and interesting events for and our artists. 

It has been an exciting couple of months with some exceptionally talented and experienced illustrators joining the site!  With such a mixture of talented artists and professional illustrations we are proud and honored to be partnering with our members to present a varied, capable and professional resource to the industry.  As we continue to grow and market the site, and add new features, we look forward to welcoming new members and assisting the children's illustration industry in finding the right creative professional for the job..." read more